The historic Nunwell Estate has been owned by the Oglander Family since the 13th century. The farm has been conventionally farmed for around 40 years. Working with the current successor, Robert Oglander, we hope to make this beautiful farm a centre for wildlife and exceptional quality produce.

Using mob grazing techniques we hope to build soil carbon, increase biodiversity and maintain productivity. We will be raising 100% grass fed beef, free range pork and pastured laying hens.

All of the produce available on our shop page is raised here on our farm in a way that fulfils our values.

The partners of The Modern Home Farm are new entrant farmers who have a shared vision of stewarding land for the benefit of the planet, while producing quality, nutrient-dense food from high welfare livestock. The partnership brings together a wide range of skills, experience and professional qualifications relating to the management of land-based businesses.

The Modern Home Farm is a collaborative project based on long standing family and community connections which we hope will provide a basis for a community model of farming. We believe that collaborative farming will offer a viable model of how farms can be operated in the future, sharing financial and mental loads and creating a joyful and fulfilling workplace

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Fresh meat is available once a month and you can pre-order fresh meat for collection or delivery.

We also offer an egg club service where we will deliver straight to your door weekly.