The partners of The Modern Home Farm are new entrant farmers who have a shared vision of stewarding land for the benefit of the planet, while producing quality, nutrient-dense food from high welfare livestock. The partnership brings together a wide range of skills, experience and professional qualifications relating to the management of land-based businesses.

The Modern Home Farm is a collaborative project based on long standing family and community connections which we hope will provide a basis for a community model of farming. We believe that collaborative farming will offer a viable model of how farms can be operated in the future, sharing financial and mental loads and creating a joyful and fulfilling workplace.


Francesca graduated from The Royal Agricultural University with a first-class degree in Rural Land Management in 2011, following which she worked for various surveying companies working with clients to manage their diverse rural property portfolios and estates.


Francesca is now a managing partner at The Modern Kitchen Garden, which is a small scale regenerative market garden and pastured laying hen enterprise selling directly to customers in Ryde and the surrounding area (, as well as providing bespoke catering for parties and events. The smallholding she lives on with her husband Oliver and their two small children includes sheep and a nucleus herd of Belted Galloway cattle.


Since having children Francesca has been passionate about raising the next generation in a way that values and respects the process of growing and raising food and ensuring that they are fully immersed in the process.


Hollie is a managing partner at The Modern Kitchen Garden. She has previously worked at a riding school managing and training horses, working with customers, helping with the family’s cattle and sheep, lambing, making hay and general farm chores. She has studied a BTEC diploma in Equine Management at Sparsholt Agricultural College and has travelled the world working with independent charities and organisations.


Hollie is a passionate climate change activist and believes that regenerative farming is a key piece in the puzzle of climate healing and restoration. She has been studying regenerative agriculture for the last 3 years online learning much of the theory of regenerative farming. She has recently moved to the Nunwell Estate from a smallholding where she developed hands-on experience of managing a market garden, laying hens, broilers, free range pigs, geese, ducks and bees.


Christy is a managing partner at The Modern Kitchen Garden and works on the wider smallholding. He is a successful horse trainer and founding member of the Level Land Farms community project in Brading. He has previously worked on large scale equine training yards and has many complementary skills relating to the proposed business including animal husbandry, building and carpentry expertise, machinery operation, people management and community involvement. Christy also has hands-on experience of managing sheep, cattle, bees and chickens.